Our story

Hi! We’re Mark & Hannah. I (Mark) have suffered from insomnia and light sensitivity for almost my entire life. This meant, unfortunately, I've needed to have almost every room I've ever slept in pitch black. Needing a pitch-black room in all situations can be difficult if you are as light-sensitive as me. DIY solutions like garbage bags, blankets, duct tape, shower curtain rods (and so much more) led to some ugly situations.

When Hannah and I first started dating, I had to introduce her to the below bedroom set up in my rental apartment. Not exactly a Cassanova-type scene... Eventually, like others during the pandemic, my insomnia worsened. One October morning when our shower curtain rod with blackout fabric came crashing down, we hit the final straw. We decided we had to invent something better, and so we got to work.

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Step 1: Design

We learned the best design for darkening any room should be extremely sturdy, easy to install, and adjust for different window sizes. We patented our design and our suction cups which slope in a way that blocks light at the top of where our curtain is installed. Our suction cups are strong enough to stay up for months and can hold Sleepout Curtains vertically or horizontally.

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Step 2: Quality

We learned most "blackout" curtains are not truly blackout - this woven fabric often blocks 75-90% of light, but bright lights or daytime sun still shows through. Even worse, these fabrics are made with harmful chemicals that can offgas into homes when heat touches them. We decided we had to find the best, certified, 100% blackout fabric that up until now has only been used by the largest hotel chains. 

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Step 3: Testing

We wanted to make sure our invention was the best out there. We ripped apart every other product to test it. We tried every solution in the book - bought baby products, duct-taped up garbage bags or towels, and so much more - before deciding to invent something that worked better (and wouldn't fall in the middle of the night).

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Our guarantee

We had no idea that one day we would create a product from some pretty awful sleepless nights. We still sleep in our home with our original prototypes to this day. We travel with them too :). As two people who have gone through serious sleep issues, function and quality are always our highest priority. Every Sleepout Curtain will be made with 100% blackout fabric certified to be free from harmful chemicals and with materials that will stand the test of time. We're grateful to have the most incredible customers on the planet and will always serve them to the best of our ability.

-Mark & Hannah

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