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The best black out curtains

I've tried 3 other kinds from Amazon and had kept hearing about sleepout curtains. I am so glad I finally tried them! The only thing that actually works! My daughter is sleeping much better for naps now.

Exactly what I needed

One curtain covered all three panels of my bedroom window, allowing me to keep my new baby bedside and effortlessly navigate daylight savings time with an infant.

Work perfectly!

I needed something to make the room darker for my baby during nap time... to help him establish a good sleep routine. These are perfect to be able to take with us if we travel and keep things consistent for him. He sleeps a lot better now that the room is darker....the regular blinds just didn't cut it.

Great curtain! Wish it included another suction cup.

I love the quality of the blackout curtain but I wish they provided another suction cup when hanging the curtain horizontally. We have large windows and two is not enough. It sags quite bit in the middle. I know they recommend to buy another set but for the price I think they should include one more so it can be hung efficiently in this direction as well.

Sleepout® Home
Brent (Calgary, CA)
Awesome product!

Works really well

The Sleepout Portable Blackout Curtain 2.0

Amazing !

They are awesome! I bought the cause our windows are so bad especially in our master and the draft was killer, gone with these window shades! Amazing

The Sleepout Portable Blackout Curtain 2.0

Sleepout® Home
Jonathan F. (North Hills, US)
Love my curtains!

They are pretty and with just as advertised. The only problem is that I never want to get out of bed

The Sleepout Portable Blackout Curtain 2.0

Just what we needed for the amount of moving around we’ve been doing. Truly makes a difference in my daughter’s day and night sleep! Thank you!

Sleepout Organic Cotton Crib Sheet
Janet f. (East Northport, US)
Softest sheets ever!!!

I saw these sheets on "The Good Eats" and just had to order them for my granddaughter. Glad I did because they are so incredibly soft!!! Plus made with organic cotton!!!! THE BEST!!!

Extra Sleepout® Suction Cups (2)
Amber M. (Bedford, CA)
Replacement Cups

I purchased a Sleepout curtain package July 2022 and use it daily (home and travel). This system is amazing! Recently, the Velcro portion of the cup continued to detach from the cup. I sent Sleepout an email with my issue and voila, replacement cups were in the mail. Thank you for wicked customer service and a life changing product (for my toddler who has been a challenging FOMO sleeper from day 1).

Sleepout® Home
Creamer C. (Clearwater, US)
Worth it

Love the curtains ! Worth it.

Super effective & worth it!

I heard about the sleepout curtains from taking Cara babies after she recommended them for helping with sleep for babies! I bought these for my 3 month olds room because the “black out” curtains we were using were most definitely not black out. THESE sleepout curtains are 100% black our for sure. I will have to say I wish the fit to my window was a bit more seamless because I have them under my blinds, and my blinds hold the sleep outs in place on the edges of my window to help w light bleeds. Overall, super happy with the purchase, they are getting the job done & effective with blacking out a room!

Day and night difference

I'm blown away - makes my bedroom go from day to night in minutes. Sleep training my infant is becoming so much easier with a much darker room. I also sleep better in a dark room. I love that these are portable - I will definitely bring them travelling.

Extra Sleepout® Suction Cups (2)
Sharon W. (Phoenix, US)

Extra Sleepout® Suction Cups (2)

Another great one by Sleepout

Loved the quality of the original portable sleepout. Felt Sleepout was taking time to understand the needs of the consumer and it showed in the detail and quality.

Sleepout® Home
Katharine F.
Lovely fabric and important for health

That you are OEKO-Tex certified. I also love the quality and innovation of the Sleepout curtains but honestly, above all is the comfort of putting your product in my child's room and knowing that I am minimizing the off-gassing and exposure to toxins. There is no other company on the market doing this and it's what truly sets you apart. Please, please continue to pursue organic and non-toxic materials in all your future products! It is SO SO much appreciated!!

Good design

Love the brackets that you can tuck away the curtains. It's so annoying how other curtain rods have a space. Also, the organic material.

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cynthia b.
Better than before

I work at night and I have trouble sleeping during the day with the light that seeps around my window that my previous curtain did not block

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Takumi M.
Sooo much better than anything else

This fabric. Is. So. Good. Before this I got blackout curtains before that released an awful smell when in the sunlight, multiple times, from amazon and a home d�cor store. Very glad to have found these.

Sleepout® Home
Jordan N.
Great blackout curtains

Wow...this curtain looks good and blocks 100% of the light. My room is right beside window of neighbour so I keep curain closed all the time and like having zero light and this does exactly that and looks great. No wrinkles and I was surprised how heavy package was.

Sleepout® Home
Joseph G.
Good for neighbors!

Need blackout for sleeping due to night shift cycling. Neighbors' coming and going late night, early morning.These help!


Helps get better quality sleep and eliminate light pollution in my room.