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Baby Sleep Answers - Part Two! - with Dr. Michael Gradisar, PhD., C.Psych.
Thursday February 24th, 2022

When your child sleeps well, you sleep well. Sleep changes as we age—from birth forwards!

Dr. Gradisar will start with a quick talk on baby sleep and cortisol levels, give an overview on what recent research has found about stress and what happens in infants' bodies and brains as they learn to sleep, and then answer audience questions on what to do and strategies to help you and your little one get better rest.

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  • After the success of our first event with Dr. Gradisar, we're back for another! This one will focus on baby sleep & cortisol - crying, stress, and learning to sleep. We'll have plenty of time for questions, as usual.

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  • Topic

    Dr. Gradisar will start with an intro to baby sleep & cortisol levels, and offer evidence-based answers and strategies from recent baby sleep studies in 2020 and 2021.

    We have space for plenty of audience questions on what to do, tips and strategies, and help you and your little one get better rest.

  • Agenda

    Intro to baby sleep biology: how babies develop as they learn to sleep, and what cortisol & stress levels occur in their bodies (10 mins)

    Strategies from baby sleep studies: evidence-based strategies, including tips you can use (5-10 mins)

    Audience Q&A: we'll have time for Dr. Gradisar to answer your questions about baby sleep!

  • About the speaker

    Dr. Gradisar is a sleep educator extraordinaire! He is an Associate Professor in sleep research at Flinders University, an Advisory Board member of the Pediatric Sleep Council - who runs, and a Sleep Clinician for children, adolescents, and adults. He is the Founder of WINK Sleep for sleep educators.

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