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100% blackout fabric that is specifically designed for better sleep.

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Sleepout vs. the rest

Most “blackout” curtains are made with woven fabric that only blocks 75-90% of light. On the left is a typical "blackout" fabric available everywhere. We used a 10,000-lux light to compare the fabrics. One is truly blackout, one isn't.

Sleepout means better sleep, instantly.

Why is Sleepout game changing?

100% Blackout fabric

Sleepout's one-of-a-kind 100% blackout fabric is designed with Thermaguard™ technology to block the outside heat & cold and even street noise. This gorgeous fabric is truly unparalleled and completely stops all light. It is Greenguard® and OEKO-TEX® certified free from any harmful substances.

Thermal insulating

Sleepout's biggest secret? Our blackout fabric pays for itself :). The Thermaguard™ technology in our blackout fabric can save up to 30% of yearly heating and cooling costs. That's up to $510 per year for an average family of four! With energy getting more expensive, now is a great time to invest in thermal insulating curtains!

Locking suction cups

We worked for a full year on Sleepout's patent-pending design to make sure it was the strongest hold possible while only taking seconds to install. These industrial-strength, non-damaging suction cups lock onto any window to stay up night after night.

Better materials

Most blackout fabrics only stop 75-90% of light, and are often treated with toxic chemicals that off-gas into bedrooms when the sun hits them. We make our products to stop 100% of light using the highest quality materials, so your little ones can sleep in darkness — and you can sleep in peace.

Made to last

So many products end up in landfills these days. They are intentionally
designed to be constantly replaced. Every Sleepout product is
specifically designed to last a lifetime of use
. We work with
mechanical engineers and industrial designers to ensure that when you purchase from Sleepout you do not need to buy anything else, ever again.

  • Laura Stacey

    Olympic Gold Medalist
    Canadian Women’s Hockey Team

    "We brought these to the Olympics and now we will no longer have to wear our eye masks to bed! Thanks Sleepout for the mobile black out curtains. Can’t wait to hang them up on my next road trip!"

  • Jocelyn Peterman

    Canadian Women’s Curling Team

    "I love Sleepout! I’ve been using them while we were training and the entire time in Beijing, and I am very passionate about good sleep habits so this was just a blessing!"

  • Chris Spring

    Canadian Men's Bobsleigh Pilot

    "This is exactly what I've needed all tour long. Right now I'm in Germany and my room mate and I go bonkers every night at how ridiculous the curtains are here because they don't do a thing and the light just shines on through. What a fantastic idea you've come up with"

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" This portable blackout curtain will change the way you sleep."


  • ★★★★★

    Rini & Shaun Frey

    @ownitbabe & @ownitdad

    I was amazed by how dark the curtain made the room even in the middle of the day. It definitely solved the problem of light bleeds better than any alternative I've used.

  • ★★★★★

    Jess & Steve


    I’ve tested two brands from Amazon before and they don’t nearly work as well as these ones. The suction cups and the actual material of Sleepout can’t be beat in my opinion.

  • ★★★★★

    Andrea De La Torre


    I’ve been looking all for this product since my first was born 4 years ago and I just love that it covers ALL the light. Haha I’m telling literally everyone to buy it. 

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Sleepout stays up all night — so you don't have to.